Saturday, September 1, 2007

Anne's First Pattern

Anne has designed her first pattern, and she's having a contest! Here's my cloth, or rather, the cloth I knitted from the pattern. The Knight has already claimed it as his own, quite pleased that Anne made it large enough for a man-sized washcloth. I don't know what the colorway is, but the remainder of the Sugar & Cream ball will be used to make baby booties! If you want the pattern and/or you want to enter the contest, head over and get the pattern, and then post a photo of your finished cloth. There are other instructions, but you'll see 'em on Anne's blog. It was a quick, fun pattern!

The details: Yarn - Sugar 'n Cream. Needles - #7 straights. Method: Continental, all the way.

Also, does a single finished sock constitute a finished object? I'm just curious, because technically, the socks are a pair... At any rate, the first of Amanda's socks is complete. It's a cute little pattern, and it also knits up very quickly. I'm so glad she offered to take in the little fella', saving it from an uncertain future.

My first efforts at two socks on two circs died before the first round was complete. I'm just not coordinated enough for that challenge right now. I'm casting on with Tofutsies for the Summer Daze toe-up pattern, just because it is a little different. The fun, quick little pinky will be my travel project next week, and if it is anything like my trip to Chicago, I'll have it done before I get home. This time, I fly out of my local airport with a friend, but I fly home alone, so delays will mean I have no one to talk to and plenty of time to knit.

Back to socks now!


Anne said...

Ohhh it looks so perty! And as I suspected, the pattern looks a bit different when one purls the 'other' way. I may have to teach myself to do that.

And I totally say a single sock is an FO, but you're also talking to the one sock wonder, so was there any doubt?

NH Knitting Mama said...

You're such a tease! ha ha

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh the cloth looks great..hey, I'm on row 10 :) I may be finished it before the contest
Love the sock too! Poor sockie, no mate :(

Dorothy said...

I LOVE the colors of your dishcloth!

Surviving said...

It looks like "Buttercream" to me. I used that same color for one of the candy bags I made. It looks good. I want to make one as well.

Holly said...

Your dishcloth looks great. I am just in awl everytime I see socks done. I wish I had that love. Maybe one day.

Devonshire said...

The sock looks great as does the washcloth...I need to get on that one quick!