Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Firstly, I'd like to thank Becka and her friend for creating Pay It Forward buttons. I think she alerted a lot of us, but if you don't have one, slip over to her blog and pick out the version of your choice. If you're not familiar with Pay It Forward, see here.

Then, there are all of the things I've signed up for but failed to advertise.

This one really bothers me, because it is my favorite sock book, but I've yet to actually knit a pair from it. I thought I was going to for my Sock it pal, but you know that story.

I'm ChanKnits there. Don't look for anything too exciting there. This place - the blog - gets my free time, and Ravelry is a work in progress for me. That being said, I love seeing what's in your queue and searching for different projects/yarns!

Thanks too to all of you who have admired the Monkey. You know what? There's a reason popular patterns are just that. Easy enough but not boring, and great results. However, I gotta' tell you... I'm getting comfortable enough that I'm ready to head toe-up and avoid the heel flap for socks knitted for me. It's fun figuring out what I like and what fits best.


Nan said...

I just had to come and visit your blog after reading your comment on Dee's and seeing your name. I haven't had occasion to 'met' anyone else with the same name as my daughters, I've only seen it once before in a newspaper article.

Do you pronounce it like Shannon or do you pronounce it as it appears? Cha-cha-ch, Nan

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

You are MORE than welcome for the buttons! We were happy to create them. Should you have an overflow of people who want to join, if you don't mind, might you kindly direct them to Colleen (artwork for the buttons), she happens to be one of my 3 and I mistakenly thought she was going to begin Paying It Forward at a later date and I've been directing overflow EVERYWHERE after my other 2 and then there offspring became full and I should have also been directing joiners to see Colleen (the pregnant rock star!) to join, too!
I'm sitting back in amazement as I watch this grow, this is FANTASTIC! Do you have any idea who began this? I was thinking about starting a group on Ravelry, but don't want to until I find out the person who began the Exchange.
And....WTG on all your alongs, they are fun, aren't they?! I'm a member of many, too, but this is the only one for which gifts are involved at the moment!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I agree. My Ravelry profile is slim. For me, its all about the BLOG baby! This is a much more fun community for me. Ravelry is a bit more serious, and more of a reference tool for me. I love reading blogs and getting to know the people that write the ones I am loyal to.