Monday, July 2, 2007

Cyber Shower!

Whooohoooo! Y'all are in for another multi-post day, I can feel it.

Everyone rush over to Amy's blog and congratulate her on her engagement! It's been in the works, but John still surprised her (I think), and it was certainly a special evening. While I can only tell you that my own engagement happened in August, I bet I will always remember that Amy and John made it official on my birthday! (And John gets serious brownie points for presenting her with the ring of her dreams. Good start to a great forever!)

And seriously, someone more savvy than I am needs to help me figure out how to cyber shower Amy. I'm close enough to visit in person, but I realize most of you aren't. She'll know we're planning something, but the details will still surprise her, right?! So, email me at if you have ideas and/or want to participate.

Being happily married to my third-grade sweetheart, the son of my father's best friend, there's little that makes me happier than seeing my friends make their own perfectly-suited matches. Amy, I'm so very happy for you, and for John. I look forward to hearing all about all of the plans... (Now, where did I see the pattern for the knitted garter belt??)


NH Knitting Mama said...

Oh, something tells me you can find knitting patterns for *all sorts* of things.

Because hubby and I were living in sin before we were married, we already had a lot of stuff to set up house. So, my sister hosted a "naughty nightie" party. We howled with laughter the whole night.

Amy said...

Thanks so much Chan! I knew that he was going to propose at some point, but it was all a huge surprise to me!

I've never had a cyber shower before .... this is truly an interesting concept.