Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What a Wonderful World

It really is a wonderful world, full of fantastic people. Yes, yes, I do keep saying I won't have time to blog again until after all of the madness that is the next week of my life, but I knew you guys *NEEDED* to see this! I went straight to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from work (no comments at all, until Anne and Amy have seen it, and I won't comment without warnings first), so imagine my delight when I got home and had TWO packages waiting for me. One was from my semi-local Carodan Farm, but I can't show that just yet, although some of it was actually for me.

The other was a birthday box from dear Devon! See!? That's why I celebrate birth MONTH. Why limit yourself to one day of presents and cake? It was all wrapped up so nicely, in pink and red (two of my favorite colors, you know), but I was too excited to snap a pre-unwrapping photo, so just take my word for it. That's the "group photo" of everything. The book, Knit Fix, is such an appropriate selection, because as Devon noted, our first real chat was because Anne referred me to Devon (Anne's SP10 pal), because Devon had knitted socks before. The rest is history. Who knew!? A friendship was formed in that heel I couldn't turn without Devon's patience and row by row counting. There's imported chocolate there too, on the far left and that brown square on the left of the yarn. Dark chocolate with nuts. My hubby doesn't like dark chocolate, but has eyed them just the same. Now that's friendship, folks. Devon either brought TONS of chocolate home from her trip abroad, or she's cool enough to share!

The tea is some of Devon's favorite. While I'm a loose tea girl, bag tea does go to work with me, and that Earl Grey is going in the morning. I've never had Taoz Earl Grey, so it's time to try it, no? Nor have I had Trader Joe's White Pomegranate, but that will get tried soon too. I love fruity, white teas, but that will happen at home where my precision tea water pot lives. (Long story. Maybe on K1, T2 one day...) Now THAT is how you have a cuppa' cyber style, without losing the spirit of tea.

The card is just darling too. I am trying to learn to make cards, but I'm very much the newbie, so this one gives me all kinds of ideas! Of course, it will also get saved for future scrapbooking, because I am, as Anne calls me, a gooblette. Flip flops, a cool tote, a towel, and a little journal. What more could a girl want for a trip to the beach? When are we going? Oh yeah, not until the end of the month. Shoot.

You want to know about the yarn though, don't you? Well, Devon said she though of me when she saw it, and she should have. It is Jojoland Melody. 100% wool, and 220 yards per ball. I will have to make longer socks than I normally wear, because this yarn is just something else. (Hmm... Devon, do you think it would be nice for those baby cables I covet so?) I'll have to get more photos in natural light at some point, because that hardly does justice to this wonderful rainbow of Chan's favorite colors!


Devonshire said...

I'm so glad you liked everything. That Jojoland is on my list for must use for next socks, it is so soft and the colors are lovely. Friends, knitting, tea, could you ask for much more? Of course we can, but in blog land those are the important things right?

Virtuous said...

AAh great B-day package! Devon is a sweetheart!

I celebrate my birthday all month long too when it is time! LOL

Paula said...

Oh wonderful gifts.
Very yummy.

I really like that idea for the card and I think I will have to borrow that form of idea!

I petted a kind of yarn like that at my LYS yesterday!
It is so nice!