Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Winding down, the fall felted bag exchange is. (Yoda, anyone?? Where did that come from?)

So, one last question for Anners, only I'm answering both options.

What was your favorite Halloween costume ever - for you? for your kids, if you have them? Why did you enjoy it so much? Do you still dress up now? Chat a bit about your traditions for dressing up on All Hallow's Eve!

I've never been into Halloween, not even as a kid. The only non-store-bought costume I recall was around 5th grade, when I just had to be Athena, my goddess hero. I had a sheet toga, and I remember raising cane about my sandals... Obviously, it's only my favorite because it was the only costume that required more than a trip to the store. I do enjoy carving a pumpkin, but that's about it.

It's a crisp, cool, sunny Sunday in October - the sky is clear, there's a bit of a breeze, and the leaves have already started to change. How would you spend your day to best celebrate and enjoy the season? Are you at home curled up with tea and a book and a window open to enjoy the breeze? Do you head out on a long drive and hike through the mountains to see the trees? Go find pumpkins and colored corn to decorate? Tell us about your special day!

Wait - are we assuming the NASCAR race was on a Saturday night? If that's the case, first things first! I'll pull on my walking shoes and Mugsy and I will head out for a few miles. Then, when we get home, we'll see if the Knight wants to ride across the mountain (FOOTHILL Anne, I know...) for any ol' reason, so we can look at the leaves along the way. When I get home, the crockpot of pinto beans will be ready, so I'll just whip up some cornbread and call it supper. If I have the energy, I'll make apple or pumpkin bread pudding for dessert.


Bubblesknits said...

I totally got the Yoda comment. LOL

Yarndemon said...

Hi Chan, Sorry but you've been tagged... I just don't know that many people in the blogging world yet, who else was I going to choose! :) Thanks for being a good sport, I know you will be.