Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Little Devil!

DSCN0645 The Knight and I both thought it was the perfect costume. The Prince had other ideas. (Maybe next year, I'll make a felted crown instead?) Yep, that is Pop's hand you see on the right, helping Mugsy pose for the ding dang photo.

Okay, it's too small. We were pretty sure our boy needed a large, but there were none to be found in the costumes we liked. The extra large looked huge. (Note to self: Mugsy ain't skin 'n bones.) So, it wasn't comfortable, and the head piece fit not at all, really. That didn't stop my mother inlaw (let's call her MJ since everyone else has some sort of name) and Pop from TRYING to cram Mugsy's thick neck and swelled head into the bit o' fabric. DSCN0644

DSCN0647 It COULD have been a cute costume. See the potential?!

We did have one "treater." It's hard to even threaten a trick or treat when you're about a pound and move from one human's hands to another. DSCN0649_edited-1 Abby's sweater fits perfectly! I'm tickled pink, as I had to really fudge the pattern to attempt to make it small enough for the bitty gal. The fact that she moves comfortably in this sweater makes me happier than you can imagine. There's room for a bit of growth, but a slightly larger wool version in self-striping sock yarn is in my queue.


Pattern - Dandy Dog Sweaters, Mocked Cable by Fiber Trends
Needles - size 6 straights, size 5 dpns
Yarn - TLC Baby in White Sparkle
Modifications - Too many to list. Everything was shorter.

An exceptionally quick knit, and truly, probably the most gratifying yet. Abby is content, her owners are stupid-happy, enough so that they brought her up to our house (gee, a whopping 1/2 mile away!) for me to see. DSCN0648_edited-1

Now, back to packing. The laptops are going, as is the never-ending Tofutsie sock (I love this yarn and pattern, and I hate that it keeps getting shuffled aside!), Fred's Yarn for the Knight's sock, and a certain blue alpaca lace. MJ's birthday socks might go too, because I plan on lots of down time, which means lots of knitting. Transit to and from alone will afford me 8 hours of knitting!

PS - If I settle on a yarn for the cabled headband, that's going too.


Bubblesknits said...

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are precious! Poor Mugsy. He has that look on his face that says, "Mom, enough with the pictures, get me out of this!"

Abby's sweater turned out beautifully. She looks nice and warm in it. :-)

vegasangelbrat said...

LOL I'm sorry, but as looking at Mugsy being held, could you imagine mine...HAHAHA! Do they make a she devil
Mugsy does look cute!
Little Abbey is so adorable and the sweater turned out great! I know your happy about that!
Have a great time down the beach!!! Love that area your going!
Can you make a sand angel??? :)

Paula said...

What a cute costume for Mugsy!
I have added him to the Dogs Costume parade that was posted last week.
he is toooo adorable to leave out.

I really love Abby's new sweater too!

Virtuous said...

Funny @ Mugsy and TOO Cute!! @ Abby's sweater!! You did good! :o)

Sue J. said...

Mugsy looks so cute, despite the tight fit. And the little one-omg, how adorable. Can yo imagine trying to find a costume for our boy? I know they don't make them that big. He stayed home and handed out treats.

Robin said...

How PRECIOUS!! My "fur-baby" won't dress up, in fact he hides during the whole evening's events!

Anita said...

How adorable is that sweater!!! :) She looks soooo cute in it! Poor Mugsy, that costume was really cute, I wish the horns had fit. I can just see me trying to get a costume on Jasmine! She would flip out & I'd get a few scratches out of it I'm sure! ha ha!

StarSpry said...

Mugsy looks so cute in his costume! Too bad it wasn't a bit more comfortable for him :)

Abby is so adorable!!! You did a great job on her sweater :D

Jennifer said...

Aw, Mugsy! Poor guy :) My dog was a bumblebee, even more humiliating! And O M G how cute is Abby and that teeny, tiny sweater!! She appreciates its warmth, I'm sure.

Nichole said...

And omg, the sweater came out awesome!!!