Thursday, October 11, 2007


More eye rolling. Just a quick addendum about Stony Mountain Fibers. Y'all please check the link, because now that the Knight and his Uncle Bobby have opened their sweet (read: stupid) mouths, I now know that the Barbara of said shop is the mother of a life-long friend of the Knight's. The Knight didn't know she did anything other than gather her own wool, but dear Uncle Bobby did indeed know she "sold other yarn stuff" from their farm.

Dang it all. Honestly folks, I would/should have never shopped anywhere else without checking there first. (And I'm new enough to manic knitting that none of her brother inlaws, her husband, nor her son know of my all-consuming hobby.) So, all of my head-banging tales of LYS woe were for naught. Barbara might not have exactly what I want all the time, but I know my customer service issues are over.

Now, before you click over, Barbara's site isn't really set up for e-commerce, but without having ever talked to her about her business, I can assure you that if you call or email, she'll move that little mountain they live on to help you. Our family business has worked with her father inlaw's family business (where her hubby works) for decades. Two of her brother inlaws are some of my favorite people in this world, the kind of business associates whose mere voices makes me smile and know the conversation will be pleasant. Those (insert family name of her inlaws here) are nothing if not good, honest, hard-working folk, all about good customer service, and I'm positive Barbara has incorporated those same values in her fiber business.

Men. Can't live without 'em, and you just can't shoot 'em. But I can have shopper's revenge. I have swap pals to shop for, and of course, I'll be guilt shopping not only on my own behalf, but for the Knight and Uncle Bobby too... If you see something there I might "need", let me know. I'll be popping in very regularly, methinks.

Oh - and a contest! Head over and wish Yarn Collectors Anonymous a belated birthday and enter the contest. My "entry" put her right at half of her 50+ goal, so let's shock her with how many of us like to win yarn!


Anniebananie said...

I've never been to Stony Mountain Fibers but I have heard good things. I can't wait to go one of these days. I can't believe that you are in Keswick - I'm in Radiant (in Madison county). We need to get together and knit sometime!

vegasangelbrat said... take em or leave em I Can't live with em and sometimes can't live without
Think I will have to visit the site!

Nichole said...

Ah hum... yes, MEN.... can't live with em, can't... :)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Yay for shopper's revenge! (Take THAT oh stupid yarn nazi lady who won't let Chan buy yarn!) Stone Mountain Fibers looks really cool.
Sorry your other LYS went out, but glad you found an alternative!

Sue J. said...

Oh, that's every knitter's dream-a closed connection to the LYS owner. I'll be interested to hear what you think. And, yeah, men. Nuff said.

StarSpry said...

That's too bad your LYS is going out of business. But it's great that you've found another one close by :)

Dorothy said...


'Nough said.