Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Fred Thoughts

There's a daily click for a Fred Basset in the UK, who seems to be our Fred's soul twin. I click in daily, and often email it to the Knight, because it just seems like the artist/writer channels our Fred.
This is going to be a multi-post day. I see it coming, but I want to thank you for your concern, prayers and general good wishes for Fred. The Knight used and abused his family/supervisory powers today, and sent his crew on without him, while he went home to get his boy. He found Fred significantly weakened, and we rushed to Dr. Nancy. I have a hard time being strong when my rock of a Knight has his 58 lb. baby in his arms, whispering away. He stayed at my desk for a speaker phone chat with Dr. Nancy, and has begrudgingly gone to the job site. (Fred was weak because of the meds from last night.)
We're awaiting blood tests now, and Fred is on IV fluids. What's interesting is that while our human docs make us wait days, weeks, or even months for test results, Dr. Nancy is calling me back in two hours. Go figure. My mother inlaw assures me it is because vets genuinely CARE about their patients. Hmmm...
I'll update you later, but I suspect Fred is at the vet's for at least 24 hours of IV therapy.


Sue J. said...

Serious prayers, thoughts and good vibes coming to you and Fred from Milo and I. I've always been thankful for vets seem to care so deeply for their patients. We will await word. God bless.

Nichole said...

Let me know if there's ANYTHING we can do!

StarSpry said...

I'm glad you don't have to wait too long to find out the blood test results!

I really hope Dr. Nancy has some good news for you!

Bubblesknits said...

Poor Fredders. Thank goodness he has a sweet vet like Dr. Nancy!