Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hello? Hello??

We're bored. We - that's me, plus Pop (the Knight's 86 year old grandfather), Mugsy and Shadow - have resorted to reading old trade magazines (Pop), napping in the sun (the dogs) and that leaves me REALLY bored. Pop is always my entertainment when no one else is around, but with his nose in a magazine, it falls to YOU to keep me awake, amused and otherwise engaged.

So, since I'm finally realizing November is RIGHT HERE and that means Thanksgiving and a confirmed visit from Anne (coming for two Thanksgivings in a row makes it a sustainable tradition, right?), I'll share some of my favorite photos from my favorite holiday.

LakeM_003 That's my all-time favorite photo of Pop. It captures his best personality. There's also a very cranky, demanding old man personae, but you don't care to meet that one.

Deep Fried Turkey My apologies to my vegan pals, but that's about the only way I like turkey. The Knight and Dae (aka: my father inlaw) can deep-fry a turkey with the best of 'em. The Knight is the resident carver, but here, one of the ladies preps it for the carving.

I'm really excited about the stack of pumpkin recipes Gaylen sent me too. Pumpkin is a food group in our house, for the next few months anyway. They'll be going to the beach with us. I'm really hoping the Knight will adore my version of the beach. We've always done the beach his way, which is to say, Myrtle Beach. Myrtle's okay, but when I think beach, I think Outer Banks, and I'm looking forward to having a house to call our own, and having Mugsy with us. Cutting the travel time almost in half won't hurt either.

I'm thinking it's about contest time again too. Keep your eyes open; Thanksgiving will mark my one-year of knitting anniversary, and I'm certainly thankful for all that knitting has brought to my life, especially my friendships with so many of you.

Now that I've bored you too, we'll call this post done.


Nichole said...

Cute Pops!
Nice turkey... I've still yet to try the deep fried version... I need to come visit you...

Bubblesknits said...

Mmmmm...fried turkey. Now you've made me hungry! LOL

Anne said...

Hrmph. I don't even remember my knitting anniversary :( I guess March? I think that's when I went to AK and learned, but I didn't start knitting more seriously, I think, til I went up there at Christmas that year - ya may just have me beat ;)

Anita said...

Enjoyed the post, Pop looks happy in that photo! :)

Darn it, I'm going to be selfish & say that I wish you were coming to Myrtle!!! Then I could come see you, or we could hang out at KUAS for a while petting yarn..... I have an idea, you should check out some of the "lower" NC beaches for a future vacation... I work at Ocean Isle Beach, very pretty, very small & only 15 min. from where I live...just a thought.

Anita said...

I have to admit though.... the Outer Banks is really lovely!

Virtuous said...

Yes I luv me some fried turkey!!!

I will be glad when October is over as well and look forward to another new month of blessings!

Ooh! And I so can't wait to hear all about your Thanksgiving visit from Anne! Definitely can constitute this as a tradition now! And I love that you learned how to knit during this holiday too!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

You're so funny! You didn't bore me at all, I read right to the end!

We started frying our turkey 3 years ago, and I never want to go back to the traditional way! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fried turkey so much more.

Have a wonderful vacation.

Paula said...

Oh Turkey!
How we love the turkey around here.
When one is in the oven cooking the pets will line up in front of the oven during the last two hours of cooking time and Elise will start to howl at the oven during the few min. of it's cooking time.