Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Baby Makes Three

And there's the start of blankie #3, on the #15 Knitpicks Options needles, in Lion Brand Baby Soft - Twinkle Print and Pastel Blue. Sadly, my lack of skill with the camera doesn't do Twinkle justice, but as the blanket progresses, I'll try again. I do like how quickly it is knitting up, so I think #2 will get set aside while I whip out #3. We'll have to wait and see though, once I get into the patterned part of #3. I like them both well enough, but I did have a certain friend in mind when I picked these yarns as opposed to the boucle in soft blue/green/yellow.

Here comes the basset hound, Fred, wondering why he hasn't even been mentioned, much less had a photo debut. (Could it be because you won't wear a sweater, my always hot big boy?!) So, to make Fred feel better, here's a favorite pose I call "beauty boy." Of course, Fred could have simply been coming to see if I was eating anything, but I think he knew he'd been slighted. I'll sleep better now, knowing both dogs have had a moment in the still very new blog.

1 comment:

Anne said...

AWWWW Freddy looks great!!! I like the blue blankie so far :) All inch of it :p

I'll try and get some baby blankie pictures up soon - I've put myself on strict orders not to start ANYTHING else til that's done!