Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm So Blue...

Well, not really, and the blanket isn't very blue either. I'm actually in good spirits, but my photography skills could be better. The point of this questionable photo is to prove to The Bag Lady that my husband is right, and blankie #2 truly does have a good side - shown here - and a bad side, shown below. This is a simple, but fun little pattern with a seed stitch border and a stockinette "body," shown here. It's a great baby boucle by Bernat, soft as a baby's bottom. The pattern actually shows up better here than it does in person, at least when person is the knitter and is holding it in her lap. I just wanted something that required a few more braincells that Lion Brand Diagonal Pattern Baby Blanket (pattern #khs-diagonalBabyBlanket). (I'd do a link, but with Lion, you have to register to see patterns, so the links I've followed have never taken me to the actual pattern, even when I sign in first!) That's the pattern I used on blankie #1, and while it is pretty enough, it was rather dull to knit.

Now, we'll show the "wrong side" of blankie #2. It probably should be rotated, but you get the idea. (Yeah, that I'm a poor photographer, but...) It's just loopy. Again, the photo shows more contrast between the border and the body than I see, which is good, I guess, but as my non-knitting, critic of a hubby pointed out, it is clearly not a reversible blanket. Sigh. Does that matter? I've never used a baby blanket, so I have no idea. I'll just have to hope that whichever mom and baby end up with this one will be okay with the fact that it does have a front and a back, whereas boring blankie #1 is truly reversible.
I've also read/heard that the best baby blankies don't have holes for little fingers and toes to snag. Blankie #2 gets an A+ there, and blankie #1's yarn over holes are much bigger than infant fingers and toes, so I'm guessing it's fine and dandy too. Additionally, I read/heard that blankets knit on a diagonal (#1) "stick" to the baby better. Curious stuff.

There's also Lion Brand pattern #60241, which is the same diagonal concept but it's done with Pound of Love instead of Homespun, on smaller needles, of course. I hope that answers all the questions I told The Bag Lady I'd answer, because I need to get back to knitting, and cooking supper.
So much for keeping blankie #2 under wraps. I doubt my non-knitting friends will find this blog anyway, and even if they do, there are so danged many of them, that no one can be certain she is going to get this blanket, because at this point, I don't even know!

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Anne said...

Spose that all depends on what baby decides to come first! :D Can't ever plan it out just right.

I like the way that yarn looks though - I may try and seek some this weekend for a smaller, fast knit for some of the newest baby girls coming over the blanket I'm doing to send to Alaska. It's so great to see pictures of your work and you have a blog =)