Friday, March 23, 2007


Both of my local yarn shops close early enough most evenings that I can't get there unless I go during the workday. But tomorrow is a different story! Last week, I intentionally told myself not to stop in as I drove very near one yarn shop, but this time, the lure of socks is too much. I've found a couple of different tutorials online, and I think I'm going to at least pick up the makings of my first pair of socks. Then, I can take the challenge when it suits me. I'm also still waiting on my larger Knitpick Options tips, so I can consider starting baby blankie #3. No, there were no overnight miracles; #2 is still not even halfway done, but what's to stop me from starting on #3, and seeing which one needs to be finished in time for the baby shower?

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Anne said...

LOL. Nothing - what's the fun of knitting without lots of options at once?? :) I'll have to post a pic of my sock yarn this weekend sometime too - we'll guilt my sister into finishing the pattern when she gets home =)