Monday, March 26, 2007

They're Here!

My Knitpicks Options in the larger sizes showed up today. The world is a better place. A friend asked for measurements on blankie #2. It's about 37 inches wide, and obviously, the length is yet to be determined. The pattern says it will be about 36 x 40.

Maybe tomorrow will bring something worthy of a photo or other excitement.


Anne said...

Woot. Congrats lady :D

I am glad you posted some measurements - I was beginning to think mine looks huge, but it sounds similar to yours, so I'm glad to know that much!

Channon said...

It seems almost all baby blankets run in the 30-40" x 30-50" range. I have one pattern with preemie instructions, and one for "small child through adult" that don't fit those boundaries, but that's it.