Sunday, March 25, 2007

Knitpicking Knitpicks

My only regret is that I didn't buy the set the day my husband first said, "Why don't you buy a set of these circular needles so we aren't always trying to get to town in time to buy the size you need." I love my Knitpicks Options. My only complaint is that in this age of instant gratification, the needles take a while to ship out. I realize I'm not the only knitter who decides at the 11th hour that she *MUST* begin a project immediately, only to be stuck waiting for the next layer of my Options to arrive. I mean, these babies aren't going to wait - blankie #1 still hasn't been delivered, 10 days after little Helen was born - so I really don't have time to wait on needles.

I'm hardly idle; despite all of the knitting time lost yesterday with the craziness that is life, I'm still moving right along on blankie #2. The problem is, blankie #2 isn't what I want to give at the shower in just a couple of weeks, and I need those #15 tips to arrive so I can get to THAT blanket.

Big pout.

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