Tuesday, March 20, 2007

For the Bag Lady

Well m'dear, I hope you're happy. I'm a blogger. You are quite the force in my life. The definition of a true friend: one who drives for hours to see me, someone who raves over a meager Thanksgiving dinner for three, who reconnects me to knitting and the great women from my past who tried to instill the passion AGES ago, and then nudges me into trying something new and scary - blogging.

Oh yeah. Knitting. I'm very much the novice, although I have finally moved beyond scarves, which should please my dear family. (Thanks for pretending to love 'em all.) Pictures of some of my past projects will follow, probably in a day or two as I do have busy spells in my life where knitting (and now, blogging about knitting!) cannot be my priority. The dishes will wait, but there are meetings that won't.

Baby blankets are my current fad. Not necessarily by choice, but because I seem to be in that phase in my life - not surprisingly, three years after the some fifteen month period that saw us attending over a dozen weddings - where there are lots of babies on the way. And that's a good thing. I even caught myself studying a baby booty pattern in a magazine over the weekend, so who knows?! Those friends not yet in the third trimester might get something other than a blankie...

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