Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

The temperature is free-falling. It was as high as 76 (F) this afternoon, but we're headed for a brisk low in the low 30s tonight, after 80s with a low in the upper 50s last night. Cold front. Makes for good knitting weather though, and I finally finished blankie #3. The photo does justice to the pattern, but not to the pretty yarn. Even my husband commented on this combination. I hope my friend and her baby will enjoy it for many years to come, as it's large enough to be used for a while. Now, back to #2, and then quickly to #4.

Then, a break from blankies. I think I would be tired already if not for the variety of yarns, needle sizes, patterns, etc. I still feel the call of the sock, but until #4 is behind me, I must not yield, not even to the cotton, waiting to become a washcloth for my husband. Well... Maybe I will yield long enough to whip up a cute one for him for Easter. Maybe. If I can get #2 all but done first.

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Anne said...

I really like this pattern - where did you get this one? From the booklet, or online?