Monday, April 16, 2007

Third Time's the Charm?

How many posts can I put up in one day? (Keep in mind I edited the first one to add that I wasn't flying away after all...)

I'm a bad friend. Not really, but my mind just isn't in the game today. No trip to Boston, my own state is now a terrible record-holder with the largest mass shooting in US history (obviously, the battlefields don't count?), and I still don't know about the students I know at VA Tech. That's enough to make anyone forget a few things, but I shouldn't have forgotten to sign up for another exchange! Check it out - The Bag Lady is also hosting a "Spring Into Summer" Dishcloth Exchange. I've fixed that, and now for penitence, I'm trying (in vain, thus far) to create a button for the cause.

Evidently, I've also committed a handicrafter's faux pas; mea culpa. My creations in the previous post were a dishcloth and a face cloth. Rags are not blessed with the expense of yarn or cotton, nor are they rendered with tender loving care. I stand corrected.

So, I've moved on to the mother inlaw's little felted bag, and the yarn worries me. I picked it before I'd even made my first felted bag, and I fear it will felt into a blob of ick, when really, I picked it because my mother inlaw loves purple and mauve. Will those colors even show up after felting? (Note to any of my exchange spoilers: *I* do NOT like purple or mauve very much at all, thanks much.)

That's the little 16 stiches by 20 rows for the bottom of the bag. Don't confuse the purple Knitpicks Options cord on the righ with the yarn, although it blends in nicely.

That's the yarn. It's call Himalaya, Queensland Collection, 100% wool. I found it in a basket on the floor at my LYS, and figured there was enough mauve and purple in it for my mother inlaw, but enough brown, creamy yellow and green for me not to get sick while knitting.

And there's the color change frequency. It's every couple of inches or so, since you can't really tell. Unless I get told it will be a muddy mess, I'll try it anyway. It shouldn't take long to do, and I have a dependable skein of Cascade 220 on hand in a nice blue, which I bought with me in mind, but I'd hand it over to my mother inlaw, since we are talking Mothers Day here.

I'm thinking this will be my last post for today, unless I do indeed figure out how to build a button for the exchange.

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Anne said...

Silly woman, I didn't mean it was a bad thing to say - I meant it was insulting your own work to say 'rag' :) You can call them whatever you like! I just was saying that your work deserved a nicer sounding name :p