Monday, April 16, 2007

I'll Fly Away - NOT

I'm supposed to be headed to Boston tonight. We're flying (or not) Jet Blue, so between that and the weather, I'm not at all sure I won't be right here in VA tomorrow after all.

I made the dishcloth for my mother Saturday, and whipped out the chenille one for my hubby yesterday. I have pictures, but they may not get posted until I get back from wherever I go. I got as far as uploading them on my home desktop last night, but there they sit, and I'm here at work. I can now confirm without a doubt that I HATE chenille. I just can't knit evenly with it, and wore a spot on my middle finger from where I had to really dig in to K2tog, TWICE on every decrease row, which was exactly half of the total work. No more chenille for me. I thought maybe I just disliked acrylic chenille, but the cotton was no better.

So, with some billing behind me, I continued on my joiner binge. I knew I'd missed the Hogwarts Sock Exchange (or whatever the "proper" name for it is), but my enabler The Bag Lady found something else that is right up our alley. She's casting on her first sock, and I hope to be doing the same later this week. Of course, if Boston is a bust, I just might make a trip to my LYS tomorrow and drown my sorrows in my own first sock.

See, I was a Harry Potter addict/fan/nut before I became tied up in my knitting. My friends here have been somewhat neglected as I've become more obsessed with knitting! I'm routinely surprised that I come up as a Ravenclaw, but I do, without fail. As I like those colors best, I'll happily hitch my horse to that wagon for the swap. (Huh. Button creation will have to happen at home. This odd, old computer at work has major issues...)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see if my flight has been canceled yet.

It was. So, I'll be able to go home, fix the button (hooray!), take Mugsy for a long walk, and start a new knitting project. Socks, maybe? I'd need to run to town and purchase some sock yarn, if that's the case, but it could happen...

And my heart goes out to everyone else touched by the VA Tech shooting. I'm holding back tears and trying to talk around the lump in my throat, praying that the folks I know down there are safe, and as untouched by this awful mess as is possible. I know three young men in the engineering program down there, and I want to hear that they are alive and well.

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Anne said...

Yes, prayers to everyone :( What a horrible thing.

And I'd like to state for the record that as your friend and knitting buddy, I was morally obligated to tell you about the HP swap and cannot be held responsible for you joining up :D