Monday, April 16, 2007

My Peace

Thank goodness for blogging, knitting and Harry Potter. What a crazy day.

First, here's the dishrag I did for my mother, my first dishrag! I hope you can kinda' see the butterflies (four, two high, two low). I haven't washed and blocked the rag, because it seems silly to do, but if it would make it look better (keep in mind it still has to get shipped with another rag or two), I would. It was a great pattern, and I can't say enough about Rachel, the designer. My hubby paid by Paypal for me, and the email with the patterns ended up in his spam folder, and nice Rachel followed up with a second email, because he/we hadn't confirmed that we'd gotten the patterns. Great customer service!

Then, there's the train wreck that is the chenille rag. See the really flat cast-on on the lower left corner? What's up with that!? Note the uneven stitches. Ick. I'm tempted to frog it before my husband gets home, but he actually likes the thing, just because it's soft and I made it for him. It is soft. I can't take that away from the yarn, but that and the color are the nicest things about it. I am just not meant to knit with chenille. I can't imagine what would make me try again. There are too many other soft cottons out there.

Last, but hardly least, is the button!


Anne said...

Try and take the picture at a bit of an angle when you want to show off the knit patterns - it tends to make them a little easier to see. :)

Anne said...

OH! Heh. But it is very cute :) And I can see them. forgot that part; I was waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, it is NOT my fault.