Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My First KAL

Here's a lovely sneak-peak of Rachel's first dishcloth KAL, which happens to be my first KAL ever. Can you see the hint of the design showing up, along the bottom and progressing up from there? The color is accurate on the left, but the photo on the right MIGHT help you see the emerging design. Maybe. Anyway, I'm having fun, rushing home, printing the day's 10 rows, and knitting away. I'm guessing we're not quite halfway, as all three of Rachel's patterns I've done thus far had more than 60 rows.

However, my sock-loyal hubby did ask this evening, "Why aren't you knitting on the sock?" Poor sock. Hardly! It is not being neglected. See?

Moving right along. However, it is interesting to contrast that with Anne's sock. Same pattern, same size needles, both using worsted weight yarn, but she casted on loosely, which is beyond me, as I know I tend to knit tightly. The sock does fit so far, but I do have smallish feet. (Swatch? What swatch? I figured sockie was all about adventure, and that I could frog if I had to...)

Now, back to the sock, my husband, the dogs, and the 408th viewing (okay, not QUITE that many!) of White Men Can't Jump. My dear hubby is one of the ten men in America who actually appreciates that TV Land others show the same dang movie over and over and over and...

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