Friday, April 6, 2007

You Go Girl!

A big shout-out to Deb, the wonder woman who's button for the Spring Felted Bag Exchange will allow me to allow The Bag Lady to have some peace. I like buttons. Not in "real life" but the little cyber tags that show that not only has my dear friend (TBL) turned me into a blogger, but now, I'm a joiner too. I actually caught myself Googling for KALs yesterday, but don't tell her that.

Actually, I'm a touch sad. One of the guys from our firehouse (my husband and I are both members of our local volunteer fire station, which was founded by my father, but I digress) is taking the train to Atlanta tomorrow. Just so you know, I think his round trip ticket for this holiday weekend was a whopping $186, taxes and strange fees included. Hrmph. Oh well. I'll be here, baking Gramma Vallie's famous (in my inlaws' family anyway) strawberry cake for Sunday's dinner. And doing my taxes. And watching it snow, in Virginia, in April. APRIL! April showers are not supposed to be snow showers, and from what I hear, they won't be snow showers. Maybe four inches of the white stuff.

IN APRIL!! (Yes, I know The Pro is laughing at me, but Alaska and Virginia are kinda' far apart.) Snow in March, sure. It happens every decade or so. However, this is ridiculous. What if I'd actually made it to the mall last weekend and had purchased a good, old fashioned Easter dress? It wouldn't be seen under my long, wool overcoat, now would it?

Mugsy just reminded me that I am using this post as yet another excuse to avoid boring blankie #2. I don't have time for that. Mugsy thinks my time could be better spent playing fetch. Someone told me once that Jack Russells finally start to mellow around ten. Right. That was last year, and he's still relentless with a ball.


Anne said...

Oh I really like that one - it's gorgeous!

Try for swaps/KALs :) I just saw that on someone else's site - or Yahoo groups.

And you shoulda come to ATL. 186 bucks would have gotten you a sunny 40! Hey.. it's better than snow :p

Channon said...

And the Braves were at home, and took 2 of 3 from the Mets. It would have been a very good weekend for a visit. SIGH.