Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Across the Rainbow Bridge

I apologize for the multitude of posts today, but this too deserves a stand-alone post. Anyone who reads this blog at all regularly knows that my dear friend Anne is the reason I knit and blog, or at least, the reason I got into both at this point in life. She's in need of some TLC right now, and I'm so grateful that her mom is with her.

If you know Anne, you know that she had a sweet canine pal named Maddie. A while back, Anne realized she couldn't meet the very special needs the vet felt Maddie had, so Maddie went back to the rescue and into a foster home, with a family trained to care for ailing pets. The short version is, that Maddie wasn't able to recover and Anne learned today that Maddie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Please stop by Anne's blog and help lift her up through this difficult time.

Maddie, I hope across the Bridge, you've finally learned to play, and you can walk, run, jump and eat, eat, EAT! without pain.


Sue J. said...

I left my deepest sympathy on Anne's blog. Thanks so much for letting us know so we can surround her with support. You're a good friend.

Nerine said...

Interesting to know.