Monday, June 11, 2007

They're Here!

Well, Anne and her mom arrived Saturday evening. There's been no time for blogging, and I'm back at work today, so yet another post without pictures, but maybe I'll have time to fix that tonight. Saturday evening, we went to the store in search of Harry Potter themed treats, found none, but did bring home the makings of a quick dinner. Hubby grilled hotdogs (Hebrew National, the best, in my opinion), Ingrid added two different kinds of potato salad, and I underdid it as a hostess and baked some "oven chips" (potatoes) and dumped the new Cool Whip cheesecake filling into a graham cracker crust.

Sunday was the first day of our yarn crawl. I'll post more about that once I'm home. Ingrid also whipped up a beautiful granny square, which has been snatched from my mother inlaw's clutches - probably just temporarily - with the firm announcement that it must be photographed for my blog before she can have it. I should finish up my Dishcloth pal's cloth tonight, and perhaps it can get shipped on Wednesday, when I once again return to work. Oh - and a little plug for the next dishcloth exchange... Sign-ups begin June 20th, on the same site.

Tomorrow, we head to Northern VA and DC. More yarn crawling, the meeting of a pal of Anne's, and then I'll head home and leave them to do the really touristy things on Wednesday. DC was a great college town for me, but I'll be back next month for another mini-visit, and I really must pace myself. (Read: I don't care if I never see the Washington Monument up close again.) Thursday, we'll do Jamestown and shopping at the outlets in Williamsburg. Yarn crawling will be included, of course!


Sue J. said...

So glad you all are having such a good time. I'll look forward to more posts.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh if if weren't already being stuff I would say, Yummmmmmmmmm that sounds so good.... Love the granny square..that yarn has gorgeous colors in it!
I hope you all get lots of rest for your yarn crawling...Have fun, take pics. Can't wait to hear all about it!