Tuesday, June 5, 2007

O Pioneer!

Yeah, the musical in my head is on again. Everything reminds me of a song...

But I digress. It's my first dpn sock! A bit of Kitchener, and it's done. For those wondering why it reminds me of Wagons, ho! and more, it's because the clever folks at Lorna's Laces named the Shepherd Sport colorway Pioneer. I finished the last two wee rows whilst showing of the new (to us) truck to my inlaws, and after the obvious comments about how it won't fit in a shoe (see the keeper?), my mother inlaw announced, "That's you. It just looks like you." She's right. Browns, hints of sage greens and vivid blues are indeed, me. And this pattern, of which I've already spoken, is my favorite. Shhhh! Don't bother pointing out that it's only my second pattern, my first with the dpns. Sometimes, something just feels so right that you KNOW. That's what happened here. And for those who care about such things, I'm a freak who likes to use five dpns rather than just four, but even four is better than a loop. I will indeed allow the lady at my LYS to sell me two Addis and some yarn, and try to sell me on the two circulars method, but I cannot say I'll go in with an open mind. (Just an open wallet and sock yarn lust. That's what matters to a yarn shop owner, right?)

This baby has a roomy french heel. (Quick, some sock knitter tell me the difference between that and a regular ol' heel flap as in sock #1! All I can tell is the heel seems to have more room, and I didn't do any of those funky intentionally twisted stitches.) I know it's not a great picture, but I'll do a proper, blocked photo when the mate is done, probably early next week, as Anne will be doing a lot of the distance driving, because my back doesn't like to drive. (The truck has incredible seats though, so all bets are off. I do get to drive it tomorrow, so hubby might be making a major mistake!)
Well, I have another project that must be done post-haste, and there's the housework I want to finish before my guests arrive, so that's all for tonight. Say goodnight, Gracie.


Sue J. said...

Yeah, the dp sock is done. Looks great. Next up, 2 circs? You'll like that, too. You are becoming such a versatile sock knitter. Have so much fun with Anne and her mom.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh the sock looks great!!! I love the colors in it too..thats a pretty blue when you close up on it.