Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

We had a nice cookout with Mark's father's family, and then spent the afternoon watching the race. (As in Nascar.) That allowed me just enough time to finish my second sock in my second pair of socks. I really love this pattern!

The quiet time also afforded me the opportunity to ponder the great visit I had with Anne, her mom Ingrid, and all of the fun things we did throughout the week. The yarn crawl was fun, but not because of any spectacular finds. Rather, it was the company, and the fun that comes from sharing a hobby with friends. If you read Anne's blog or Amy's, you won't find that they were any more blown away by the yarn crawl than I was. Meeting Amy and Karen was a great treat! I'd heard Anne speak of her, and being a part of that first face-to-face meeting was a bonus.

So, since I took no photos except at home, here are my favorite photos, stolen from Anne and Amy. Thanks ladies! (And Anne, is there SERIOUSLY not a picture of the two of us? I swear you made me pose for at least one...)

I actually did TAKE this one, but with Anne's camera. Love those ladies in green, with the Blue Ridge Mountains behind them. (Yes Anne, those are what we in the East call mountains.)

I never like pictures of me, but there I am, in my favorite shirt, with Amy, in front of Stitch DC. I think that's the first picture of me in DC since my college days, but let's not go there!

This is my new favorite picture of Mugsy. It is the essence of Bugginess. (We call him Mug-bug or Buggy sometimes.) Anne took it Monday while I was at work.

Fred can't be left out, so here's one of my own favorite shots of him. I might have posted this one before, but it is as much the essence of the Hooey Hound as Anne's shot of Mugsy is of the Mugster. (My dogs will answer to anything. I think you could guess that.)

Thanks Anne and Ingrid, for vacationing here. It was a delight!


Sue J. said...

So nice! Your pups are adorable and your vacation sounds like it was special. Have a good week.

Amy said...

You see, I was somewhat surprised when you so freely let Karen take our picture. I remember you hiding from Anne's camera on one of her previous blog posts. But I think it's a good picture!

Devonshire said...

Those socks look lovely!!! The color, the pattern - perfect! Mugsy is way too cute and Fred looks adorable.

Virtuous said...

I hear all this buzz around Stitch DC. Was it overrated? Or is all of it true?