Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Birthday meme

Interestingly enough, I was thinking about a famous person with whom I share a birthday this morning. Good timing, Anne!

Three events:

1. (The one I knew off the top of my head - thanks, Daddy!) 1863 - American Civil War: the Battle of Gettysburg begins.

2. 1963 - ZIP Codes are introduced for United States mail.

3. 1979 - Sony introduces the Walkman.

Two births:

1. 1961 - Diana, Princess of Wales (d. 1997) (The one I was thinking of this morning.)

2. 1906 - Estée Lauder, American entrepreneur (d. 2004)

One holiday:

Canada Day (formerly Dominion Day) - national holiday of Canada.

Here are the rules: The rules: You go to http://www.wikipedia.org/ and type in your birthday (only the month and day). Then you write down 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday, and then you tag 5 friends.

I'll tag anyone wishing to play along, because not everyone enjoys meme...

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