Monday, June 18, 2007

Fellow Knitters

I have found so much more friendship and support than I could have ever imagined via the online knitting community, so it is time to attempt to return the favor.

The ever so awesome Michelle has released her first design! Because she's so kind and generous, the pattern is here and free. Be sure to leave her a comment if you're going to use it, and I'd love to see your finished cloths, and I'm sure Michelle would too.

The second shout out is for a knitter I don't know, but Anne took a couple of classes from her earlier this year, and I've been hooked on her blog for months. Annie Modesitt is further along in her pattern designing and in her knitting fame than Michelle, but this unbelievable pattern can be yours for a song, or for a very generous donation, with proceeds being used to help Annie's family through a very difficult time. It's a lovely pattern, and that my purchase can make a ripple in the pool for another knitter is a nice bonus.

Lastly, Stephanie, aka: The Yarn Harlot, is having a birthday, so drop in and wish her a great one.


Michelle said...

You are seriously too kind... :-)
I love the dress and top on Annies site, and I"ll surely buy the pattern!

Anne said...

Got my pattern already too - not that I think I can knit it LOL but i will try!

And yup yup Michelle's design is awesome! I posted a link..somewhere.. too LOL