Sunday, June 3, 2007

It's All Good

My love affair with SWS continues. Sure, it's easy to split, but a little tension adjustment fixes that, and since I knit tightly, it's a sinch to keep the feeder taught. It's a wee bag, but I knew it would be, and that's what I like in a handbag. This will be put into action tomorrow, and will be my little summer assistant at least until I entrelac. It holds my wallet - the checkbook included variety, lipstick, the protective cover for my glasses' sunglass clip-ons, and my cell phone is up for debate. It might live on its clip on the handle, but we'll see. I am pleased as punch. I'm even happier that the bronzy brown in the colorway faded into nothingness, just a wee stripe.

See the button? That's a Grandma Byrd button, from her (seriously, folk) thousands of buttons collection, which my mother inlaw now owns. My dear mother inlaw picked the button, based solely on my description, and it matches as well as any button can. Plus, it's got a bit of love in it, from my husband's great-grandmother. I met her at least once, that I recall, in my childhood. She was Great-Grandmother personified; she was old, told great stories, and her love of children just radiated all around her. I know she would be pleased to see her button called to action!

Here are the pre-felting shots. Thank goodness you warned me it would felt quickly. You weren't kidding! Felts IMMEDIATELY is more like it. I don't know that it agitated more than three minutes; I meant to time it, but I was rushing to get to the picnic. (That was great fun, I might add. And brownies and fresh blackberries to die for! What more could a girl want?) I have learned that I like the outdoor photos, but it's raining hard enough today, and the wind is blowing too, so you'll have to settle for the indoor finished photos.

There's lots I could be doing, but my socko was feeling very unloved, so I quickly finished the leg last night (I like short socks, remember?), and zipped through the heel flap while waiting to see if the Nascar race would be rained out - and it was. Without even realizing what I was doing, I turned the heel, first try, no frogging! How 'bout that Devon? I swear the sock is flying along faster than the learning curve can account for; I think it has something to do with the lack of pulling and pushing Magic Loop requires. That's okay; Anne loves the ML enough for both of us, and I'm grooving along on the dpns.

I need to get back to my version of decluttering - cramming things in totes to live in the shed, with the promise to myself that if I don't miss the things within, they will find new homes where they can be used and loved, but first, a gratuitous dog shot. Mugsy and the sock are napping while I blog. (No, not really, but I think it's a cute pose. The pup is going to have to say bye-bye to his down blankie though, for the summer...)


Sue J. said...

The bag looks just great. Congrats on an excellent FO. Socks look good, also, but that Mugsy-what a doll!

Anne said...

The bag looks gorgeous dear! And I'd say that at least some of your speed may be lack of pulling for ML, but a good portion is also just comfort level with socks in general and knowing what you're doing. We tend to knit more confidently, I think, and that makes things chug along too.

That mugs is a doll! And I'm cheating cus I'm sposed to be doing my work now, so I should get back to that lol

Barb said...

I love the bag, it's such pretty colors :)

Jenny said...

I love this bag!!! Where did you get the pattern for this one?

Jenny - Your felted bag exchange partner.


vegasangelbrat said...

Oh my gos, where have I that came out just beautiful!! Good job and I love the SWS to :)

NH Knitting Mama said...

I linked over here from Anne... Your sidekick bag is fantastic! love love love it...

Virtuous said...

So you realy don't like ML?
I don't like the pulling and tugging during the instep stage but I still like it better than the DPNs.
I am taking a class on 2 Socks Toe-Up on 1 Circular this month! I hope this goes well! :o)