Monday, August 6, 2007

Downward Facing Wick

So, there it is. The yoga sock done in Wick. (That's color #9 on the site.) You can find the pattern here. I can't say enough about the yarn. It's a bit like chenille, but it stretches, so while I might never knit with chenille again, I love this stuff and will be ordering some to make Christmas presents. No, I don't know how practical the socks are, as my toes are generally what gets cold first, but check back with me after the temperature drops, because I've slipped into my sad version of Lotus more than once, just to get my feet off of the cold even through the mat floor!

Hey, look! They aren't green. How 'bout that!? Pink and brown, and although you can't really see it, there is some sage-ish green in there too, along with the cream and some - get this, Sharon! - purple. If you're looking for non-wool fibers, give Wick a try. Yet another soy love affair happening here.

This is also a good time for a little book review. Devon sent me a copy of this for my birthday last month. Sue told me early in our swap-born friendship that Interweave published the best books, and this certainly makes a good case for that argument. Have a problem? (Like needing to cast on 22 stitches in mid-yoga sock?) Just flip to the index in the back, and viola! There it is, with pictures and gooblette-proof text. Even at 10pm, I was able to make it work, rather successfully, if I may say so myself! Now that I have a nice, roomy tote (thanks, Stacey!), this book will go wherever my knitting and I go, unless I am 100% positive there's no way I'll need it.
Of course, there are many more books to review, but Mugsy says it's time to sit together on the sofa and talk about our day, which for him, included escaping into the great room to hang out with Fred. He'd been baby-gated in our room, which is adjacent to the great room, so that they could see each other, but Mugsy couldn't bother Fred the sore grump and provoke a fight. Evidently, Mugsy knew Dr. Nancy would insist that Fred isn't as bad off as we thought... Thanks for all the kind wishes. He's mending, slowly but surely. He's still a rather old basset with a very bad back, but it seems he's going to be around a while longer.


Amy said...

Great looking yoga sock! I've thought about making that one, but I don't really do enough yoga anymore myself.

And no, it's no cooler up here. It's bloody hot and humid! At least we finally had some rain yesterday!

Cass said...

Heyyyyy that is the same color I'm using! LOVE IT! neat sock! Thanks for the pattern. (I'm married to a yoga instructor, but don't do yoga. Sad, right? Could I call them meditation socks?)

So glad to hear Fred is getting better.
...ear rubs for Fred...

Sue J. said...

So glad you got a copy of Knit Fix. It comes in so handy so often. And poor Fred. Glad to hear he is on the mend. The yoga sock looks good, too. I've never seen one of those before. Very nice.

Bubblesknits said...

Cool socks! Give Fred and Mugsy doggy rubs for me. :-)

Virtuous said...

Cute yoga socks! I am going to make the thong socks for when I bellydance!!!! :oD I am picking up classes in August.

I just bought that Knit Fix last month during the Knit Picks book sale and haven't had the chance to really look thru it yet, but I hear wonderful things about it!!

How you liking your Vintage Socks book?? I thumbed thru it before I sent it off to you and it is too advance for me right now! LOL
Maybe in the future I will get the gumption to knit out of it will remain on my wishlist for now! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear Fred is feeling better! And that you had a good vacation. I have finished touring my town and scarfing up some fun souvenirs, which I will be sending out soon. Have a great week!

Anne said...

I've been keeping Freddy in my thoughts - do howl and such at him for me. I know he'll understand!

Cute socks :) I have 2 little balls of wick to play with when I get some time, myself!

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

I had never heard of Yoga socks before... It sounds interesting. Your look great! I like the Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate colorway! Yummy! :-)

I see we have lots of swaps in common... ;-)

That book might be containing some recipes for fixing knitting boo-boos, and I certainly need to get a copy... LOL

Monica said...

Yum! Your sock looks like Neopolitan Ice Cream!