Friday, August 10, 2007

Food for my Feet

My Knitter's Knight is a funny man. This afternoon, he provided a cute title for this post while trying to understand my glee. Yarn Market joins the ranks of the happy knitter-makers. It arrived quickly, and all the yarn was sealed in plastic. Good thing, because the box looked very much like the UPS folks played soccer with it...

Anyhow, there's the August Tofutsies Sock of the Month yarn. Very colorful, and guess what?! A toe up pattern called "Summer Daze" came with it, so since I need to frog the June Tofutsies I started anyway... Stay tuned. They'll both be knitted up soon enough, but one definitely will be the next on the needles.

There was more Wick, which was what I went after in the first place. (I had planned to order my Tofutsies from Carodan, but they're on vacation, and...) There will be lots of Wick socks and footies received by my relations for Christmas! It was at this point in the yarn petting that Mark noted that he didn't like any of the colors in this order. So, it seems he expects not only his blankie, but socks too. Dang. I guess that's what I'll do with the Scarlet Fleece I purchased during our VA yarn crawl.

Still more Wick. What can I say?! I'm in love. I think Wick and Tofutsies are the two yarns I seem to buy almost indiscriminately. I'm sure Wick is good for more than socks, but that purpose suits me well enough. I've explained why I love soy, or at least offered my rationalization for it. So, go me, I'm pretending I'm supporting Virginia farmers with my Wick fascination and acquisitions.

I'm not ready to send my KVVS package just yet, but we'll continue the local agricultural lesson anyway. (Cass, there are plenty of pictures, so keep reading!) That's my Maizy. I couldn't wait, couldn't help myself! Corn is the bomb. My dogs even eat corn on the cob, although Fred has issues and tries to eat cob and all. I'll have to scan photos of Mugsy chowing down at the firehouse, when he was a youngster and stopped in to visit me at work. But I digress. Corn sock yarn. How cool is that?! And that my friends, is what prompted Mark to note that I seemed to want to put food on my feet. Which reminds me, I gotta' go get him moving so we're not late to dinner.

Dinner was great, and since I hadn't posted this, I can give a shout-out to Anne's Virginia corn thing. Corncakes. They're like pancakes, but they're made with cornmeal. YUM. IHOP has them, as does Bob Evans, but at Bob's they're not on the menu, but if you ask for them, they will come. Just be sure to tell 'em to hold the sour cream. I don't know about Anne, but I eat mine with real butter and maple syrup.

Don't worry. If you ever come to visit, I won't drag you around to farms and agricultural centers unless you're into that thing, but I might insist that you pet the corn and soy yarns.


Sue J. said...

Isn't yarn market great? They've been my downfall for years. I'll be interested to hear how you like Wick and Maisy. Haven't used Tofutsie, either. Why not review all three?

Nichole said...

Glad to hear how much you love the Wick... I bought some on my Maine Yarn Crawl a couple weeks ago, along with the pattern for their anklet socks... can't wait to start 'em!