Thursday, August 9, 2007

No Joy In Blogville

Blogger REALLY let me down last night. I had a long post about a great package from Jamie (blog address needed!), and not only did it refuse to post (some funky error message), but it evidently didn't auto save either. Dang.

Now, can someone tell me how to post version #2 of that post later today with a current time stamp?

Back to my regularly scheduled job, because it seems I'm going to need it to pay the bill to a not-for-free blog service.


Sue J. said...

I agree. There are times when I want to toss blogger to the wolves and head to Typepad or Wordpress. Sorry I can't tell you how to repost. I've been in the same boat.

Bubblesknits said...

Grrrr....don't you hate that? If you find a good service, let the rest of us know. I think we've all had issues with The Devil Known As Blogger. LOL

As far as the time stamp, I think that it's down at the bottom right of the window (across from publish and autosave). If you don't see it, try clicking that little link that says something like "More".

Virtuous said...

That bites!!

Before blogger made their "autosave" feature that used to happen to me all the time! UGH!
But ever since then I have been fine!!

Hope you get your blog entry up soon! I hate re-typing!! It always seems better the 1st time go round! Haha!

Anne said...

Allow me to NOT recommend Yahoo! hosting. Mine's been sucking of late - I can't count the times I lost things before I figured out I better copy and paste before I hit post :(

And that's quite the haul! I just got my no sheep goodness too! what a nice mail day :D