Thursday, August 9, 2007

Shadow on Thursday

You asked for more Shadow II. Here he is, as a very little pup, helping at the office. (And no, that is NOT my desk!) I considered posting more of my boys today, but you see, Shadow had a rough day. He went to the groomer's, and then, Pop got tired of waiting on his dog, so Shadow was picked up from the groomer's by my father inlaw, and is spending the night at my inlaws', with their dog. He'll be reunited with Pop in the morning.

I know Cass loves dogs, so I'll slip my request in here for you to scoot over and wish her a happy 222nd post. She's having a most awesome contest, so tell her I sent you and maybe we'll both win!


Scrabblequeen said...

It must have been THE day for dogs to go to the "beauty parlour". My two little lasses also had an appointment today. I'm happy to say they both came home smelling much sweeter than when they left.

Nichole said...

Oh my... what an adorable FUZZY puppy!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Paula said...

Oh what a sweet puppy!
He is so adorable!
He must be barking at the headlines in that newspaper! LOL!