Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fred and Water

Today's Fred's day. You see, he had a rather traumatic day yesterday. It started out GREAT! We loaded up and he went to work, which is generally a happy thing for him. However, less than two hours later, we were headed to the vet. That was bad enough, but then...

I left without him. It was killing me, so much so that my beloved Dr. Nancy rather firmly stated, "Leave now. Don't stop to pay. Just go!" as she towed an extremely resistant Fredders into the back, for - of all things - a bath.

You see, Fred's philosophy on water is simple. If he is thirsty, he will drink, and drink AND DRINK it, and then dribble slimed up drops all over the house. Otherwise, water is the enemy. Rain? Pee on the porch. (That's why they make that pet odor removal stuff, right?) Snow? Stay inside until it stops falling from the sky, and then go outside and play and snort in it until the humans fear you will have frostbite on your low-hanging parts.

So, since Fred is aging, sore and a great actor, the Knight - aka: Dadaw - will no longer bathe his boy, because he can't stand the horrible howls and screams Fred makes in an attempt to ward off the water. The poor folks at our vet got to do it yesterday, bless them. He looks beautiful, but Fred doesn't care about beauty.

Oh - and his back got a better report than I'd hoped. He will continue to lose mobility, but Dr. Nancy doesn't think it pains him, or bothers his dignity to drag his already rather lame left rear leg a bit until he catches some traction. So, we'll put up a ramp at the front door, and those Staples ream of paper boxes make the perfect step into my vehicle, and hope that Fred stays comfortable and happy (in his own, grumpy sort of way) for a lot longer...


NH Knitting Mama said...

Sounds like you know just how to make his life easier, so I'm sure he will have plenty of good days left.

We had a Fred, too. Ours was a beagle/collie mix, and his name suited him perfectly. Thanks for making me think of him today. I loved that boy!

Paula said...

Oh poor, poor dear Fred.
He looks very good though despite his troubles. It is good he has such good parents to help him.
I hope he has a better weekend. :)

We have the exact same water troubles with Elise. She HATES water unless she is drinking it and then she has a blast with the water bowl especially if there is ice cubes in it.
But if it is raining or lots of snow is coming down she will whine until she finds the perfect driest spot she can to go the bathroom, usually just on the very edge of the patio where my sweet pea vine grows! But giving her a bath is a misery and especially the after ear and toe nail care. (chuckle) he call her the dog with the titanium toenails.

Bubblesknits said...

Poor Fred! Our cats don't like baths either. Go figure. lol