Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rockin' and Igging

Okay, nominate me once and I thank you, get busy, and forget to nominate others. Nominate me twice, and I take action. Thank you Nicole! She's on vacation at the moment, but if I put this off again, I might forget again. I am just old enough to find silly delight in being called a

So thanks again, my long-lost twin and Paula, who nominated me first. So, my nominees, and why I picked 'em:

Betty-Jean - Because getting to know her is fun!

Holly - Because she's truly a good, kind person and she makes me remember to count my blessings.

Martina - Without her, Anne wouldn't knit, which would mean that I wouldn't knit OR blog. Just like her little sister, she's a kind, funny, inspiring woman.

So, there ya' go. Rockin' down, igging to go.

Anne is busting my chops, right in the midst of blogland, about "igging." If she hasn't heard it before, it's only because we type more than we talk. Igging is in the dictionary, here in my part of the world. So, my defense/explanation will also be tossed out right in the midst of blogland, so that anyone else who cares (or has the discipline to keep reading) can understand.

Many of you realize that our volunteer firehouse isn't just a hobby for us, or even simply the non-profit where we spend a lot of our time. The folks there are truly like family to us, especially since the Knight and I both grew up in and around said station. Well, a family friend was the chief a while back, and he is famous for just ignoring people who are clearly talking to him. One of the characters around the station shouted at the chief's back, "Well just ig me then!" and igging was born. It might have origins elsewhere, but that's how it found its way into our vocabulary. Said chief emeritus is a close family friend, and my father inlaw (and the Knight once in a while) is know to "ig" too, so the word gets used a lot. I still can't believe Anne didn't hear it while she was here.


Sue H said...

I like that word, ig. I think I might just have to steal it. lol My MOTH tends to ig a fair bit too, so it would certainly get used here.

Bubblesknits said...

My hubby is an igger. :-) He has it down to an art!

Michelle said...

Oooh I like that word... ig... I'm sure that's going to start getting used up here in PA.. .my husband is a born igger... (I think it's a genetically linked Y-chromosome thing to be honest!)