Monday, August 27, 2007

Felted Bag Contest

There's a contest, so here's my "entry."

1. What is your favorite yarn for felting, and why?

Grins. Regular readers can answer that. Patons SWS, because it felts quickly and beautifully, comes in great colors, and is a soy-wool blend.

2. Name one person in the swap who is not from the U.S. and tell us where they are from, and link to their blog.

Chrissie, Singapore

3. Find one person in the swap who has a dog, and let us know the name of their dog(s) and link to their blog.

Michelle has Murphy and Chewy!

4. Find one person in the swap who has a child or grandchild and link to their blog.

Mary has children and grandchildren. (Funny how that works, isn't it?)

5. And finally, tell us if you like October or November more, and why!

October holds all kinds of goodness. The dear Mugsy has a birthday. One of my brother inlaws has a birthday. Our anniversary is in October. Anne's birthday is in October. Love those changing leaves! It's cool, but not COLD yet, for the most part.


Pennie said...

Hi Just stopped by to say HI and read your blog.

Anne said...

Pft. I totally believe that you cheated on this contest. but that's just me :P