Monday, August 20, 2007

Sincere Appreciation

My sister was touched by all of your kind words and thoughts, and asked me to thank you. So, here's a picture of us from a baby shower a couple of years ago. It's a rotten picture of me (on the left) but I think it's a rather typical picture of the two of us. We take turns leaning on each other, and have had spells where we lean together, but we're almost always smiling and laughing when we're together.

Happier days are coming.


Sue J. said...

Great picture! You're lucky to have siblings. It's really hard to be an only when it comes time to care for aging parents. When they pass, no one to share the same memories. Hold your sis dear to your heart.

NH Knitting Mama said...

You're lucky to have a good relationship with your sis.

Mary said...

Wish i had a sister, hold her near to your heart!

Virtuous said...

Blogger was acting funny yesterday so I couldn't comment.

OMG! Did a miss something in one of your posts?? Is everything okay?