Thursday, May 3, 2007

Customer Service

I am a sucker for good customer service, and Sheri at The Loopy Ewe had me at the first fluff of tissue paper. (Packaging matters. The ladies behind the red door know it too.) My yarn was wrapped up, with the cutest little custom label (see the top of the yarn?) to seal it, and my red sock blockers have already been called into action. Yup. This is going to be a photo-rich post, and no knitting will happen before yoga, because I'm Loopy and you should be too. Maybe I'll be able to float into that shoulder stand tonight!

Look at it. It's all mine. The sock blockers (I love red!), the Lorna's Laces Sport in Pioneer (selected with my favorite jeans from the behind the red door store, coupled with my favorite brown, closed-heel clogs in mind), more Inox dpns because I like them and these socks will be dpn'd, some stitch keepers, because I am a gooblette and Mugsy's eyes are precious, and then the samples of things I didn't order but might next time, the sweet little dpn chart that needed its own moment in the sun (see below) and the even sweeter handwritten note from Sheri herself!

You see, if I decide the dpn way is my way, that will be a very important knitting tool, yes?

Sockie is also very happy, hanging on the wall where the calendar normally is:

Because I am a proud sock knitter and a new Loopy customer, destined to soon be a Loopy Groupie, big pictures today. Some things are worth celebrating. Good, no GREAT customer service is one of them, and my first sock in all its glory is definitely another. Now, to make it a mate and lots of sock friends to hang out with... but not on the wall. The calendar is back up, and Sockie is resting happily on his blocker. I need to go find my yoga pants and get it in gear, because I live in the boonies to the east, and my yoga class is WAY in the boonies on the southwest of town. That does mean that it's Thursday, my LYSs are both open late, and I have to drive through town (sorta'?) to get to class, so... Yoga and knitting. Perfect for a rainy day. Sunny days are for Mugsy and walking, but maybe tomorrow?


Anne said...

Ooh he looks great on the blocker. I have no reason to believe I'll ever block socks, other than to make them look nice for other folks - or for just like you did; a gorgeous picture!

Whee and may your foray into DPNs be far easier than the crap path I walked you down.

Sue J. said...

Isn't Sheri just the best? Her personal touches and customer service are the best I have ever encountered. No wonder her business is booming. I felt the same way the first time I opened up Loopy box. Have fun!

Devonshire said...

Those sock blockers are great (must get some) and I love the Lorna's Lace that you picked out. The color is gorgeous. The new sock looks great on the wall!

Virtuous said...

OMG! You have red sock blockers!!!!