Saturday, May 5, 2007

Good Karma

Fate? Whatever you choose to call it, today was a good day. But first, a finished object from Friday. It's the camper cloth, the last of my mother inlaw's Mother's Day gifts. Well, that and the Crocs clogs that I was shocked she wanted, but she is fun-lovin' woman! Having that behind me left me free to cast on for Sock #1's mate. It's moving along, especially considering today was much longer than anticipated, so I had much less time to knit.

Did anyone notice that I learned how to doctor my photos? That's a rather accurate color, but it didn't start out that way. Look at the cute little pattern. Wee! This blogging to inspire techno-learning is working.

However, my knitting disorder continues. Hubby had to be out and about by 7am, and I found myself killing time after Fred awakened me around 5am for a quick trip outside. I finally settled on a pattern for my pal in the Spring Felted Bag Exchange (no, I'm not tellin'!), so the next step was the yarn. I remembered Anne telling me about a sale at Webs, so before my dear, sleep-groggy husband was down the drive, I was ordering. Soon enough, I stopped by It's a Stitch to pick up SOME of the special order yarn for Mark's afghan, and wouldn't you know it?! Some sock yarn hopped up on the counter and I accidentally purchased it. (YOU believe me, don't you? My husband sure didn't. He pointed out that this yarn thing is getting out of hand. Whatever. The largest allocation in my stash is for his personally demanded project. That makes it all okay.)

While checking out, the debate began. I explained that my first sock was Magic Looped and that I was going to try dpns next. I love yarn shops. A woman I'd never seen before appeared at my elbow and assured me that dpns are much easier. The lady behind the counter insisted that two circular needles is the only way to go, and asked me to please stop in sometime and have Ann (??) the resident sock expert, show me how to do THAT method. The lady at my elbow shook her head emphatically, and told me that if I wasn't fond of Magic Loop, there was no need. The lady making the sale held her position, and pointed to the Addi Turbos behind her, and insisted that I must invest in them and give the two circular needled method a try. I smiled, and noted how nice it was to be leaving the shop with much more yarn than the debit card had just paid for, as all the special order yarn had been paid for up front. As I signed the receipt and slipped away, the debate continued at the register...
Knitters are passionate people. And that's a good thing.
As for karma, well, the package I shipped to Anne about ten days ago, Priority Mail, FINALLY found its way to her today. Turns out, despite the frustration it caused when I finally confessed that she should have received a little surprise something from me, the timing was perfect. (Must have been the Tai Chi DVD enclosed, although dark chocolate is medicinal, right?) My day was much longer than expected, and I ended up listening to the Derby on my trusty XM radio, but I met four delightful ladies, ate some good food, and what else really matters? I even got to the pharmacy one minute - literally! - before closing, to be waited upon by the best pharmacy assistant in the world. Life is good.
Ask me what I'm going to do tomorrow, if I don't meet friends at Graves Mountain Lodge for lunch. Mugsy and I are going to hit the other LYS, and another, about 30 minutes away from town. My sock may or may not get finished this weekend, but I'm lining up yarn for many more socks to come.


Sue J. said...

There is truly an ongoing debate about 2circs/ML vs dp's. I tried ML again this weekend. Between the hand cramps and the frogging, I am solidly in the dp camp. Sounds like you are having a great weekend. Hitting LYS's is always a good weekend. Sock on!

Devonshire said...

I vote for DPN! Although I am traditionally a bamboo girl, I just broke one of my #1 so maybe for socks I will switch to metal???? The dishcloth looks great and I too need to get me some crocs....Happy Monday!

tibbers sox said...

for sox I have only used DPNs. It is frustrating for the first couple of rows, but after that, smooth sailing! I am interested in the magic loop method. Have a question, do you like chocolate? Do you use lotion? If you do, do you like lavendar? Just picking your brain. Have fun!