Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Morning After

I'm feeling a bit silly about how proud I am of my first sock. It's a cool, rainy day, so it's a shame I didn't have a pair to wear; I *SO* would have worn them today. How many more 50-something degree days will we have before October?

Thanks for the positive feedback about my first sock. It was quite a trial, but I'm looking forward to casting on for the mate tonight. Before or after my yoga class though? Decisions, decisions. I have the dishcloth for my mother inlaw to finish too, and I want to start my first beanie for Charmed Knits. I'm also expecting my first order from The Loopy Ewe any day, and I know that will have me itching to try my first dpn socks! So much for my notion that I would be a one-project at a time knitter.

I'm *THIS* close to deciding what to do for my Spring Felted Bag Exhange pal. The down side to trying to select the right pattern and wool is that I'm finding DOZENS of bags I want!

I was asked in the comments section if I like shorter socks. Most definitely. The pattern called for 8" of leg, but I stopped at 6", and would have stopped at 4.5" if it hadn't been my first pair. Ironically, my daily knitting calendar showed a cute little "footie" yesterday. That's a must-do pattern! Except in the dead of winter, as long as my heels are covered, that's enough sock for me.

In general, I do prefer brighter colors, but I loved this colorway, and still have hope that I'll be able to wear them at least once before the permanent heat wave settles in.

It's a slow day in the office (can't you tell?), so I think I'm going to go shopping. Gotta' love the internet.

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Sue J. said...

Ah, online shopping. Can't get enough, especially when it comes to sock yarn. Have fun!