Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why I Swap

Take one very hectic week. Add in a missing order from Amazon. Add in very little time to knit. No time to check blogs for the swaps I am helping hostess. Don't forget the little dog with separation anxiety and too much pent up energy, or the strife only a family business can experience, and you have a frazzled woman. Until now.

TibbersSox mentioned I had a box on the way. Even though Amazon and the mail carrier (a woman on my route, thank you!) are struggling, UPS and Tibbers found me. Sweet joy! No more grumblings about my spoilers, at all. Scout's honor, and I was a Girl Scout for something like seven years! See all that loot? Mine. From someone I still don't really know. A kind note, chocolate (already hidden from the man I took vows to love, honor and cherish, but there was nothing about sharing my peanutbutter cups!), two bottles of water with a note that one was for the walk, and one was for when I got home from walking (how did she know I have a fanny pack with a bottle holder?), some lotion I cannot wait to try (and I will indeed, as soon as this post is complete), beautiful stitch markers and my first skein of homespun. And a Tao tea assortment, containing some of my most favorite blends.

See there? Homespun! She doesn't even know me either, and she sat down and spun for me. How can I let a long, full week get to me when there are souls like that in (Arizona?) the world?? I can't wait to cast on with it. Spinning is something I know I will never take on, because there's just too much knitting to do, too many hours of work, and too much to do at the firehouse, etc., so I am very much in awe of those who do spin, and I truly feel honored to have received such a wonderful gift from someone matched up with me in a swap. Heck, I'd feel special if it came from a friend, but from a virtual stranger?! There is hope and goodness in this world.

Those are the stitch markers. There are several of the spinning wheel, which is great, because I will think of TibbersSox when I use them, and of her wonderful gift of homespun, even once the homespun is knitted into its final form. The little sheep is precious, and the ball of yarn with needles is great too! And blue. I like brights, and that bright blue is enough to light up my day on its own! Did you make these too, Tibbers pal?

There's only one problem with TibbersSox. See that? Mugsy did. He's cool with cats, but Fred is another story. We won't talk about what Fred does with cats that venture onto his property. My dogs are very curious about any pal that meows. ;)

Since this is my only knitting post of any real value in about a week, here's the sweet little beanie that I hope is already safe and sound in Charmed Knits collection world. It's just the first of several, I hope. The color isn't really that bright, but y'all should know by now that the camera and photo alterations are way down on my things to master list. I'd be a truly happy camper if Amazon would let the book behind this pattern, the KAL, the blog, etc., find its way to my house. Since it didn't arrive today, I'm calling and/or emailing about it tomorrow. POUT.

And, a bit of housekeeping, so to speak. Yeah Anne, I *KNOW* I was supposed to just pick up my mp3 player and hit shuffle, but I don't have speakers on my computer at work! So, I cheated, and you get a little more insight into me.

I've also been tagged again, and I will tend to that tomorrow. Checking on the contest entries for my group will also happen at some point over the weekend, so it's now or never gang! I will also pick a winner and post some news about my pending tea swap this weekend too, so one more chance to post a comment or idea there too!

Thanks to everyone leaving comments too. And one more grand, heart-felt THANK YOU to my Sockza spoiler too.


tibbers sox said...

I am glad that the items brightened your day. I just put things in your box that I would enjoy receiving myself, so I guess we are similar in a lot of ways! No, I didn't make the stitch markers, but I thought of you when I saw them. I hope that the rest of your week is better. Hey, tomorrow is Friday!

Sue J. said...

So glad you received such a lovely treat from your Sock4 spoiler. Sure to cheer up your weekend. Enjoy!

Devonshire said...

Chan - what a lovely package to brighten your very busy hectic week. I hope you get a little R & R this weekend and some much deserved knitting time!