Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Movin' On

Still no photos, but the felted bag swap bag is felted! It was HUGE before I felted it... but more on that once it has been received by my pal. It is beautiful, and assuming it finishes drying tonight, it will fly away tomorrow, along with baby blankie #1 (the only pink one). I never got it to the intended recipient, but another friend just had a baby girl, so away it goes.

I thought I'd respond to a few replies this morning. I love having comments, and being a chatty being, your comments spur on more comments from me!

Ironically, the bag in waiting (not to be confused with the SWS project) will have bamboo handles. Hooray! I seriously think I prefer i-cord to the flat stockinette handles. My husband was helping me stretch and shape said bag and handles last night, and he wants me to BLOCK the handles so they aren't kinda' curled in the middle and flat on the ends, but that's what the picture shows, so I supposed the designer wanted that look. My problem is that I am easily bored, so something has to be changing for me not to whine to Anne about the project. (Hence, my immediate love affair with socks. My current sock project has a four-row repeat for the leg, so lots of change! Wheee!)

Sharon and I had our own little exchange about the joys of online friendships, but I wanted to encourage you again to check out her shop. It's a great, new addiction that mixes well with knitting! Everyone can appreciate handmade soap, and this creative genius can whip up something personal with just a few words from you. And while I'm shamelessly promoting Sharon, be sure to check out her new swap. I've done a "beach in a box" for a friend before, so focusing on my own, tourism-rich hometown will be fun, especially knowing someone else will be doing the same for me.

Y'all also restored my faith in people, as you always do. Even if my own community isn't full of respect for Memorial Day, there are plenty of people around who do honor the service and the real meaning of the day. And to Miss Me, November 11th is also Veterans Day here too. It is specifically for veterans, which is why I think Memorial Day is taking on more of a general service feel, although originally, I believe Memorial Day was to honor those dying in service for the country, while Veterans Day is to honor them all, dead or alive. However, in our family, Veterans Day does get a little lost in the shuffle, as it is also my very dear mother inlaw's birthday.

Now, there's some work to be done. Dang. I hate when work interupts my knitting and blogging!


Sue J. said...

Oh, I agree. Knitting and blogging are life, interspersed with periods of generally activity like cleaning, laundry, groceries, jobs, etc. the ultimate goal is to minimize these activities to maximize the knitting and blogging. :)

Michelle said...
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Jessi said...

Your bags are all really nice!

I have been talking with a couple of other people in the felted bag exchange and we realized that those of us who have had issues and emailed the mod haven't heard anything I thought I'd do some digging. Those of us who use livejournal have realized that swaps on livejournal generally go well because of the friends page feature and the fact that we are constantly reminded of our participation in the swap.

So, fully admitting that I have not read every post in the last month and knowing full well that you may have posted about this already and not need my reminder, I have two questions for you.

1. Did you send your May package to your downstream swap partner?
2. Did you receive a package from your upstream swap partner? If you did receive a package, did you let them know that you received it?

I hope you're having a better time of this than I am but please just understand that there's a reason for this post.

Virtuous said...

Sharon has some great soap scents! I haven't seen handmade soaps with coconut in them! Yum! I am going to have to try them!