Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I've frogged more in the last couple of days than all the other times combined. I hope to finish the sock tonight or tomorrow, and pictures will follow. I couldn't have done it - literally - without Anne and Devon, my sock coaches. Anne did make me feel better last night, after I'd frogged the gusset and started over at the end of the heel turn; she pointed out that I was learning two new techniques at the same time - Magic Loop and socks. Yeah, but... DANG!

I am already planning my first dpn sock project. My KTE pal Sue and Devon have had some great suggestions there, and I placed my first order yesterday from the Loopy Ewe. No, I won't tell you what I selected; you'll just have to wait! What fun would it be without pictures anyway?

In other news, I got my Felted Bag Exchange match on Sunday, and my Sockapalooza pal yesterday. I think Hogwarts Sock Kit matches are forthcoming, so PHEW!! Three irons in the fire, but it sure is fun.

Speaking of which, I do believe the answer to this week's Trivia Question is Voldemort.

Sadly, all this frogging means that my Charmed Knits hat is still waiting to jump on the needles. I have finished Rachel's KAL, and I've started on the camper, near the bottom of this page. When the camper is done, the beanie will become my non-sock work. The question is, do I use Slytherin colors or Ravenclaw? With all the frogging I've been doing, somehow, the Slytherin colors seem more fitting.


Sue J. said...

Your first order from Loopy Ewe!! It's all downhill from now on. You are officially addicted. Enjoy! I forgot to tell you that ordering from Loopy Ewe is an addiction unto itself.

Anne said...

Pictures of the sock, woman!

And good luck with your DPNs. Hopefully they'll work out better for you - sorry Magic Loop is all I knew to try and help.