Sunday, May 20, 2007

Felted Bag Contest

Anne wants to know where we knit. Well, dearie, you've been here, but hubby rearranged the furniture. Mugsy and I still hang out on the sofa, but it's now across from the front door. (The TV moved to about where Fred's bed was...) So for the rest of you, I knit mostly in the corner of my sofa, under the light, unless Mugsy wants to sleep in that corner, and then I'm in the middle of the sofa. Otherwise, the sock and I will travel. Once in a while, I'll knit in bed, while Mugsy and I watch a movie, when hubby isn't here. Can't give you a photo at the moment, because the bulk that is the bag for said swap is taking up that corner, and I'm not about to move it just for a photo.


Sue J. said...

I used to move around the room, too, depending on where Wolfie wanted to sleep at any given time. Hug Mugsy for me and give him a big smooch.

Really not a Pro! ;-) said...

I knit everywhere, quite literally. My friends think I'm nuts!

Thanks for your kind comments re: the baby sweater! :-)

Anne said...

LOL@my sister's name.

And, by the way.. I think your tea swap should be a warm beverage swap where people can give tea OR coffee. Hrmph. You mean tea snobs!! :P

Naw, I kid. I'd probably do a tea swap and try to get great things for a partner, but let's be real. I wouldn't know what to do with a tea ball or a tea cozy or anything of the sort :p

Shannon said...

I knit mainly sitting on my bed, because I have all of the knitting stuff in my closet there, but dishcloths are so portable I can knit those anywhere!

You've been "tagged" for the "7 Things" meme... details on my blog. :D