Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I always think of a vocal warm-up when I see that. I miss singing, but that's another story, and not at all related to knitting, aside from the fact that it would take away from my precious knitting time.

Anyhoo, Shannon tagged me this time, so I'm going to see if I can come up with 7 more unique things, but no more tagging BY me. If you're moved to take up the game, that's cool; post a comment so we can all get to know you better, and to visit your blog.

1. My sister's husband is a long-time friend of MY inlaws. (Small towns are great, huh?)

2. There's nothing like having a beautiful three year old literally throw herself at you with a great, big hug.

3. Today, my hubby's cousin and childhood neighbor, turns 40. Happy Birthday, Gary Lee! (And we're Southern, so that's read as Garileeeee.)

4. I'm gonna get Anne to be a tea drinker too. (I've ordered a tea she won't be able to resist, but as always, I'm not tellin'!)

5. All I want is a LYS that carries metal #7 knitting needles, in a kinda' short length. You know, just right for a dishcloth? Not those ubber-long things that could double as a skewer on the grill. And a self-striping yarn that feels better than the Yuck yarn, as Mary calls Kureyon. Is that too much to ask??

6. I love okra. I have one little bag left in the freezer, and it might have to be part of dinner tonight.

7. That apple green, spring green, whatever you want to call it, is growing on me. Especially when paired with pink, it's lurverlee!


lori said...

Hi, Channon! I'm blog-stalking random SFBE-ers, so I thought I'd say "hey." Self-striping yarn: have you tried Rio De La Plata? It feels wonderful--kettle-dyed, hand-spun, single ply. Paint Box? Not "rustic" like the Noro, but pretty thin in some places. And there's always Paton's SWS, from Michael's. So, so soft and pretty.

vegasangelbrat said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Love the Patons SWS and Chan, it felts FAST like in 5 minutes (have to watch it)..lol I haven't run a full cycle yet using it.